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Launch of the festival student anthology Inclusion

The 2015 student winner Ryan Mangan being presented with his trophy by the 2015 winner of the Irish poetry competition Frances Browne.




Those Footsteps


I could feel the stomping,

the repeated hits and the smacks,

the name calling and tears

splashing down on me.

That girl was hurt inside and out;

those cuts and bruises,

the hate and the doubt.


Pain streaming down her

once happy face.

And as the time passed

from that day to night,

the bully came lurking

for more of his pay,

but the tables had turned.

I hatched my plan

to fix this day.


As this bully approached

I tripped him in his stride

and watched him fall to the ground.

And a great big frown he wore

as finally this girl was free,

thanks to me,

the pavement.



Ryan Mangan




The 2015 second prize winner Sarah Hogan being presented with her trophy by the 2015 winner of the International poetry competition Patrick Lodge from Wales.


In Days gone by


In 1972,

people never wore their shoes.


one fine old sunny day

they threw them down the loo.


Then another day,

near Christmas Day

they said,

Let’s go and play,



They couldn't

go out to play

because they had no shoes.
So that was

a VERY silly thing to do


In 1972.

Sarah Hogan




Down this green boreen

that we now stroll along,

we cry with laughter

about the fun times

there once had been.


Playing a game of catch,

splashing in puddles,

stopping for a break

to give Nibbles

the odd scratch.


I really do try

to comfort you,

and as I look up

To the beautiful sky,

I ask why.


I always give you a hug

when ever I see you,

and when I ask you a question,

I always get an answer,

never a shrug.


All of these memories freeze

and they fill our minds,

squeezing it closed.

They just pass us by,

like a quick cold breeze.


Laura Svaza

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